Indexed Universal Life Insurance

Considered to be one of the most flexible types of life insurance available in the marketplace today.

Flexibility for Life Protection for Peace of Mind, Indexed Universal Life Insurance offers you:

• Permanent death benefit protection for your loved ones

• Flexible coverage and premiums

• Cash value accumulation potential

• Protection from market losses

• Optional rider provides the potential for guaranteed income for life

• Living benefits to provide resources in the event of a qualifying terminal illness, chronic illness, critical illness, or critical injury

• Multiple index crediting strategies offer diversified choices for cash values

Protect What Matters Most

Flex Life provides an income tax-free benefit to your beneficiaries plus access to cash values during your lifetime.


Flexible Coverage

Compared to other permanent life insurance products, universal life is perhaps the most flexible. That’s because it lets you adjust the amount of insurance you own- and the level of premiums you pay – to best suit your changing needs. There is also the potential to build cash value in your policy on a tax-deferred basis, which you can use during your lifetime. For example, you have the potential to take policy loans and withdrawals for sudden emergencies or later for retirement income. And because Flex Life is an Indexed Universal Life product, your policy values can be credited interest based in part on Crediting Strategies tied to major market indexes, such as the S&P 500®.


Flexible Death Benefits

Flex Life offers two death benefit options; Level Death Benefit, where it stays constant, and Increasing Death Benefit, which lets your protection increase as your policy’s cash value grows. Should your needs change after you’ve selected a death benefit option, you may switch options. For example as your family grows you may feel the need for additional protection. By switching to an increasing death benefit amount your death benefit increase will occur as your cash value increases and is much more convenient than buying additional insurance policies. Or, if your protection needs diminish and you want to focus on growing cash value only, you can choose to lower your death benefit so that more of your premiums are directed to building cash value.

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