30 Reasons...

…for the Acquisition of Permanent Life Insurance

  1. Protects against the loss of savings from a permanent disability.
  2. Protects against the loss of investment from a permanent disability.
  3. Provides a savings for future cash needs.
  4. Protects cash values from creditors in most states.
  5. May be used as an income tax LOC recaptures.
  6. May be used for a term life insurance premium LOC recapture.
  7. Provides a low cost source of funds for consumer loans.
  8. Provides easy and tailor made loan repayment methods to meet cash flow needs of individuals.
  9. Provides minimum guarantee rates as well as over 100 years of historical performance records.
  10. Provides pension income maximization from joint survivor option to sole/survivor option.
  11. Provides for reverse mortgage income at retirement without disinheriting family.
  12. Provides the ability to take advantage of charitable giving without disinheriting the family.
  13. Provides increased retirement income using pay-down moves without disinheriting the family.
  14. Provides for estate liquidity at one’s ultimate death for estate tax purposes.
  15. May be used as collateral for loans from other financial institutions.
  16. May be coordinated with investments to receive tax deductible benefits.
  17. Provides income tax free transfers of wealth from insured to beneficiaries.
  18. Provides a degree of asset privacy.
  19. Provides payment flexibility by using a variety of premium financing arrangements.
  20. Provides tax advantaged income options at retirement.
  21. Provides a college tuition funding method that recaptures the tuition costs.
  22. Provides many ways to have tax free retirement income versus taxable income plans.
  23. Can be used to protect investments from a long term loss.
  24. May be used to reduce home mortgage interests cost and even recapture it.
  25. Provides a responsible financial way to express love of family for family values planning.
  26. Provides a variety of tax advantaged diversified products to meet one’s objectives.
  27. Provides a framework for long term financial success instead of speculating on its occurrence.
  28. May be used to recapture casualty insurance premium costs.
  29. A better and cheaper way to provide for long term care than LTC insurance.
  30. And finally last, but not least, to provide capital for income needs of beneficiaries in the event of premature death of the breadwinner.  This is a very rare occurrence actuarially speaking.

Although the other reasons for acquiring life insurance are far more important than the premature death need, whenever the maximum amount of life insurance is purchased for the 29 other great reason, this last reason is covered best.